Stones – description

List of decorative stones, used in StaNako products:
  • Quartz – amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, smoky quartz, Venus hair (with needles of rutile)
  • Chalcedony – agates, chrysoprase, plasma, carnelian
  • Opal – yellow, blue, green, flame, harlequin
  • Fluorite – variety of colors (color disappears when heated)
  • Beryl – emerald, aquamarine, heliodor, morganite
  • Chrysoberyl – alexandrite
  • Corundum – ruby, sapphire
  • Tourmaline – verdelite, rubellite, indicolite, siberite, dravite, elbaite, pyrite
  • Topaz – yellow, blue, green, pink, red, white
  • Spodumene – kunzite, hiddenite
  • Pomegranate – pyrope, rhodolite, uvarovite, grossular and others unless not too dark
  • Spinel – red (ruby balas), orange-red (almandine spinel), blue, green (chlorospinel), purple (east amethyst)
  • Apatite – variety of color (different shades of green, yellow, blue)
  • Carbonate – calcite, rhodochrosite (pink)
  • Silicate – charoite, labradorite, jade
  • Serpentine/Amphibole – nephrite (shades of green, sometimes yellow)
  • Gypsum – selenite (white with a silky gloss)
  • Epidote – tanzanite
  • Amber
  • Concretion – septarian (with veins filled with calcite)
  • Onyx – honey, marble
  • Meteorite – pallasite with olivines, pallasite with pyroxenes
  • Tektite – green (moldavite)

Scientific Consultation:
Dr Elizabeth Jackowicz
Specialty: Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrography
Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute

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All photos of materials shown here come from public sources and are for illustration purposes only.
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