Inspirations by StaNako

A new trend in the art of decorating has been born, crafted specifically for exclusive interiors and exteriors of prestigious venues. Fresh and innovative design makes elegant and raw surfaces glow with friendly warmth and colorful tints, which adds exclusive and original finishing to every space. StaNako imperceptibly becomes a distinctive, pleasant accent of your apartment, penthouse or mansion, as well as your office. It is perfect for business and public locations such as a luxurious hotel and spa, medical, dental or beauty clinic, modern office or prestigious bank, fashionable boutique, cinema, casino, stylish gentlemen’s club or trendy nightclub, and many more – your only limit is your imagination!

StaNako is a unique, inimitable product that stands out from all the others. For those reasons our product is distributed across the globe, mainly through recognized authorities of interior design and decoration, as well as modern and innovative developers. Undisputed masters of style who search for new ways of inspiration always reach for StaNako. Our product successfully entered overseas markets, stole the hearts of Europeans and smoothly made its way to affluent residences of Eastern upper-class and even palaces of Middle-East sheikhs.

StaNako is widely recognized and has the well-deserved appreciation of:

  • individuals – mansion, residence, villa, penthouse, apartment, condo, studio, etc.
  • private companies, public institutions and places of religious cult – office, conference room, lobby, lounge, gallery, boutique, showroom, bathroom, swimming pool, sauna, snooker room, porch, passage, garden, wine cellar, chapel, catacombs, etc.
  • decorators, designers, architects, developers – only the best, we are not interested in anything less.

We help adjust suitable sets of stones to the individual character of each interior and the client’s taste.
Please see examples of our work – let them inspire you and open your mind to new concepts using StaNako.

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