DÉCOR ART – our product

Pricing and Availability

  • We make a constant effort and keep pushing ourselves to the limit to make our product desirable by everyone, but available only to few chosen ones.
  • StaNako prices start at around £500, but the upper boundary is marked by many factors, such as the cost and availability of the materials, very intensive workload and time-consuming production. The final prices may reach dozens of thousands of pounds and are dependent on our clients’ material preferences.
  • We constantly have dozens of finished products at our disposal. Some of our inventory is illustrated below. We guarantee that our products will meet your highest expectations, so that your deepest and biggest dreams of a tasteful, one-of-a-kind design can come true. Naturally, we are always at your service for customized orders.

Technical description

StaNako is an exclusive item of a utilitarian and decorative function.

It’s composed of a top layer, which is the gemstone (the ornament), the light source and the base, crafted from e.g. white marble conglomerate (made according to our own recipe), but also from basalt, travertine, sandstone, jade, onyx, wood, technical tiles or architectural concrete which has been very popular recently.

StaNako is available in two electricity standards: low voltage – version adapted for easy mounting directly on the wall (like a painting or a wall lamp) and high voltage – version mounted into a large electric box (on sale – last pieces of the previous collection).

All finished products, as shown below, contain a homogeneous stone base of our own production for better exposure of StaNako decorative layer.

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