Master’s workshop

All the materials used for our handmade products are thoroughly examined and carefully selected for our clients. The selection of stones is done according to very strict, precise rules. We offer stones from all over the world and even ones that are out of this world (such as the very rare and extremely expensive meteorites). On our clients’ special requests we seek the most unique specimens of stones and use them to make an inimitable and one of a kind artistic handicrafts.

Our product is distinguished by:

  • Manual production
  • Original, noble materials
  • Diverse, natural coloration
  • Innovative approach
  • Unique design
  • Variety of choice of the products’ base
  • Multifunctional applications
  • Easy installation

  • Unique designs

    Each stone has its own unique veins, grain, texture, shape and color, which creates an amazing, extraordinary effect.

  • Selection of stones

    Our stones come from the farthest corners of the world, providing us with a natural opulence and variety of choice.

  • Last cuts

    Uniqueness of the stones and their precise, well considered treatment gives them exceptional and outstanding character.

  • Master at work

    Each element that makes up a final product undergoes meticulous and subtle manual processing of our Master of artistic design.

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